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This site is developed and maintained by Lance Hendrix for the purpose of providing a location for publishing and communicating technical documents created by Lance for use by other technology professionals. The bulk of the content is currently located in the TechDocs section of the site.

The information on this site is drawn from my experiences and real customer engagements where solutions have been implemented and deployed as true LOB (Line Of Business) applications. That is, while there is the occasional bit of theory or discussion of trade-offs, all the presented concepts, code, configuration, and examples are drawn from actual systems being used in production environments.

What's New

March 28, 2012 - I have started working on some of these documents again. I have been working on spelling, layout, and formatting issues as well as updating to the current version of Apache Forrest for rendering the site. I have also started editing some of the existing documents to bring them to completion as well as creating at least one new article regarding Xen 4.1 on Linux 3.2 lineage kernel.

June 29, 2008 - Since I have just created this section, this is the first update and thus, I will point out a few of the more significant changes that have recently occurred on the site.

  • I have moved the documentation of using Apache James as an email test platform from incubation to published within the technical document section of the site.
  • I have started a new technical white paper on designing and integrating an Enterprise Directory service using FOSS (Free Open Source Software) to the incubation section.
  • I have created a new technical How-To on accessing Apache ActiveMQ from PHP using STOMP

What's here...

Home - This section of the site is the typical landing page and provides some general information about Lance and this site.

TechDocs - This section contains the technical documents that are currently under development or have been mostly finalized. This is probably where you will find the most useful information on this site as it is the primary purpose of building and maintaining this site.

About - This section of the site provides more detail on Lance, his mission, background, and other relevant information of a technical nature or pertaining to the technical.

Contact - This section of the site provides various ways for anyone to contact or interact with Lance.

Links - Provides acknowledgement to people or organizations that have produced items of value to either the publishing of this site or for tools used in daily activities. My hope is that this site will enable me to give some fraction of value back to the community that built and maintains these valuable tools.

Legal - This section sets the legal parameters for use of this site. The specifics of the legal means by which this site is made available to you and your rights to use the content, source, or software on this site is provided in this section of the site.